5 Foods That Cause Bloating

When you’re trying to lose weight you don’t need anything that will slow that process down. Here are 5 foods that cause bloating and why you should avoid them while dieting.

There are certain foods that simply won’t stay still when you eat them. That’s when you get the infamous “food baby” and bloat up like a balloon. Believe it or not, that bloating and gassiness will actually impede your weight loss.

5 Foods That Cause Bloating = Woman showing off flat stomach

But, there’s a way to avoid it – just skip these foods, and you’ll be back on the right track in no-time.

1. Artificial sweeteners and fructose

We all love the taste of those artificial sugars, but our bodies simply can’t digest some of them. For instance, sorbitol causes bloating and gassiness.

On the other hand, our bodies aren’t able to break down even some of the natural sugars. Fructose can be found in many fruits and veggies, as well as in honey, processed foods and beverages. If you ingest moderate amounts, you’ll be fine, but if you overdo it, you’ll cause trouble in your digestive tract.

So, just cut down on foods that contain these two – carbonated drinks, mangos, pears, pineapple, cherries, dried fruits, nutrition bars…

2. Green veggies

Well, not all of them. Just broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage. Even though they are incredibly good for your health, if you’re experiencing bloating after eating these, you should probably cut down. These veggies contain raffinose, another sugar our bodies have a tough time digesting.

Unlike many other items on this list, there’s a way to skip bloating and keep eating these greens. Just cook them. As long as you eat moderate amounts, together with other foods, you’ll be good.

3. Whole grains rich in fibre

We know that when you start dieting, whole grains seem like a great idea. But, there’s a problem. If your diet previously consisted of processed foods, this sudden change can cause digestive problems. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t eat them. Just, add them slowly, and drink a lot of water.

You see, fibre is useful for your digestion, but if you suddenly fill your system with it, you can experience some rather painful bloating and gassiness.

Same goes in reverse – if your diet is normally rich in whole grains, and you eat something that is rich in processed carbs, your digestive system might act up.

4. Lentils and beans

Here’s the thing. Even though they’re healthy, lentils and beans contain oligosaccharide. The intestines’ bacteria have to break this sugar down. This can cause a problem if your body has trouble digesting that sugar. If that happens, you get bloated, and in some cases, even gassy.

If you recognize yourself in this description, you can do one of two things. Try soaking beans and lentils in warm water for a while before cooking. Also, when you cook them, add some kombu seaweed to prevent digestive problems. Or, you can just give up on beans and lentils altogether.

5. Dairy products

Even if you’re not really lactose intolerant, you can have a negative reaction if you eat dairy on a daily basis. When you eat dairy every day, it can cause gut irritations that will not only slow down your weight loss but stop it completely. And that will show. Your stomach will be constantly bloated, you might feel gassy, and it might even become painful.

Of course, not everyone reacts this way to dairy, but if you do, you need to make some changes in your diet. We are not saying that you need to forget about dairy products altogether, just don’t eat them every day.

And while some might bloat from dairy, others bloat up because of their gluten intolerance. This can be rather serious and unpleasant, as gluten can make you bloat up like you’re seven months pregnant.

So, if you often have gassiness and bloating issues, you need to look into food intolerances. Check if you react to soy, dairy, eggs, gluten or anything else.

So, when these foods make you bloated, it’s not only uncomfortable, it also affects your weight loss efforts. All that dieting, exercising and self-control might be enough. But, once you kick these out of your fridge, you won’t be bloated anymore, and you’ll start losing weight according to plan.

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