7 Foods that Burn Fat

7 foods that burn fat and are essential for any diet

Everyone wants to lose a little weight, right? And food choices are certainly an important part of that. But it goes beyond just a well-balanced diet. The foods you eat can actually aid you in losing weight! You just have to know what to choose. But what foods burn fat?

Whole Grains

We’ll start with the largest food group: Grains. As with any healthy diet, you’ll want to stick to whole grains when eating to lose belly fat. The less refined, the better! This can help keep you fuller longer and will help cut down on bloating.

Whole Grain Foods

Oatmeal, particularly, is a good option. It’s packed with fiber and will help prevent a mid-morning munch-fest. But it goes beyond just breakfast. Use whole-wheat bread or wraps for your lunch. 

The rolls you serve with dinner? Make them whole-grain. Don’t like wheat bread? No problem! Buy the “white wheat” bread that many companies are putting out. It tastes like white, but has the nutrition of wheat!

Fresh Fruits

Fruits: If you’re wanting a little something sweet, instead of reaching for candy, grab some berries. Like other belly fat burners, berries are normally full of filling fiber that will keep you from feeling hungry an hour later.

They’re also the perfect topping for that oatmeal mentioned above! But beware berry jellies; they’re usually loaded with sugar. If you’re looking for an alternative, mash some berries and spread on your PB&J.

Leafy green vegetables

When looking for veggies that burn belly fat, look no further than the leafy greens. That’s right, the same foods your mother insisted you eat can trim your middle! Broccoli, spinach, collards, and kale are all packed with fiber and have low-calorie counts.

Green Leafy Vegetables

A side salad before a meal can help fill you up so that you can eat less. Or maybe make that salad the main course! Looking for another option? Blend your spinach or kale into a smoothie, along with some of those berries.

Lean Protein

Proteins: Just like every food group, proteins are important, and can certainly help you burn belly fat. When picking your protein choice, you’ll want to go lean. Lean beef, chicken, turkey, or fish are perfect choices. Vegetarian? Then you’ll want to look at eggs. Eggs are packed in healthy proteins and can be cooked in numerous ways. Vegan? Soybeans are packed with protein and fiber.

Lean protein sources

Dairy products

We can’t forget the dairy! Dairy foods have a nasty reputation among those trying to lose weight. Isn’t it bad for you? Absolutely not! Dairy products pack a healthy dose of calcium, which helps break down fat. You can use your dairy products in so many ways: Blend it into a quick smoothie with kale and berries, or make a melt with whole-grain bread and chicken breast. Just make sure that your dairy is always low- or no-fat!

Milk and Dairy Products

Green tea

Looking for a swig that will help you burn belly fat? Then pick up a soothing cup of green tea! Green tea is rich in antioxidants, which can boost your metabolism, helping to burn fat. Green tea makes an excellent alternative to your morning cup of coffee or can be blended into smoothies or other drinks.

greenteaGreen Tea

Monounsaturated fats

But we can’t forget the fats. Yes, it does seem counterintuitive to eat fats to burn fat. But it does work, and is certainly a necessity! Everybody needs healthy fats to lose weight. You’ll want to choose monounsaturated fats. These are usually the healthiest.

greenteaGreen Tea

Olive, avocado, and canola oil are good examples of this. You can use them as the basis of salad dressings, and to add a little bit of interest to cooked veggies. Beware of hydrogenated oils, though. They’re normally packed with trans fat, which is extremely unhealthy.


Most of the foods mentioned above are readily available in most parts of the world, in order to be successful and burning fat and losing weight incorporating some kind of activity or exercise can help speed up the fat burning process.

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