Benefits of the Alkaline Diet Plan

Dieting is and most likely will always be popular for as long as we live. Every year there are new diet plans that pop up, and more and more celebrities are endorsing them. One of them is the alkaline diet plan.

While it may seem like just another fad diet, the alkaline diet isn’t just for losing weight. Its main aim is to fight disease and grow the body’s immunity. By eating alkaline foods, one can expect to become resistant to disorders that otherwise can cause health issues.

What is an alkaline diet plan?

The basis of the alkaline diet plan is in the body’s pH balance. The pH balance scale determines whether or not you are eating the right foods to fuel your body.

Benefits of the Alkaline Diet Plan - Image With Alkaline Foods

You can test your urine by using a pH test strip to see where you stand on the scale. A PH level of 7 is considered neutral, A PH level of 7.4 is considered the healthiest. If the number falls below 7, it means that you are taking in acidic foods and that you are more prone to disease.

It is important to remember that the alkaline diet cannot change your blood pH balance. Your body does that on its own, and it doesn’t need additional nutrients to help it during that process. The Alkaline diet mainly affects your urine’s pH balance.

Alkaline foods

The main reason you should switch to alkaline foods is to reduce the acid ash in your body

When you consume food, your body burns it off and leaves behind something called acid ash. Acid ash is a residue consisting of inorganic minerals which form acids in the body. The ash could either be acidic or alkaline. It is known that acid ash is one of the main reasons behind diseases and disorders.

Therefore, it is wise to switch to alkaline foods. However, it is not always easy to make the change, and experts often suggest to take it slow.

The alkaline diet plan requires you to stay away from processed food, meats, dairy, eggs and some grains. It is supposed to clean your body of toxins and return its natural pH level.

While on the alkaline diet plan, you can consume fruits, natural fats, vegetables and plant-based protein, which makes it comparable to a vegan diet.

Because your body needs nutrients, it is sometimes tough to get enough protein by reducing your meat and egg intake. Anyone following this diet has to plan their meals in advance, and determine how much they should eat during each one.

Benefits of the Alkaline Diet Plan

  • It can help you lose weight. Because it requires you to cut out things like sugar and processed carbs, the alkaline diet plan is extremely beneficial to your waistline. It does not require you to eat anything that might harm you. Furthermore, alkaline fruits and vegetables are full of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. However, when following this diet plan, it is difficult to take in enough calories during the day. Moreover, you have to carefully choose your plant-based protein so that you can lose weight and keep the muscle mass.
  • Your bones will get better. The alkaline diet plan helps with bone density by boosting the production of growth hormones. In addition, it also allows your body to absorb vitamin D more efficiently, which leads to healthier bones and a lower risk of bone disease.
  • It reduces your blood pressure and cholesterol. The alkaline diet plan requires you to eat more plant-based meals that do not contain extra sodium or harmful chemicals. Thus, your high blood pressure will reduce drastically, and it will also help you get your cholesterol levels back to normal.
  • Help reduce chronic pain. Some experts believe that acidic foods are one of the main causes of chronic pain. By lowering your intake of them or replacing them with alkaline foods, there is a good chance that you will notice a reduction in pain. Furthermore, this diet can also help women who suffer from severe menstrual symptoms, as well as people who suffer from muscle spasms and joint pain.
  • It helps you absorb vitamins. When your body loses minerals, it becomes more difficult to absorb the right vitamins. Therefore, by implementing the alkaline diet plan, you will significantly better your chances of fighting different diseases. In addition, it will strengthen your whole immune system and help it function better.
  • It will make you smile more. Some studies have shown that acid reflux leads to the erosion of tooth enamel. This is directly linked to acidic foods which you should try to avoid. By eating alkaline foods, your smile will improve, and your teeth will be healthier and stronger.

Alkaline Diet Plan vs. Paleo Diet

At first glance, these two diet plans may seem similar. However, there are a few significant differences between the two.

Both of these diets contribute to weight loss, a healthier immune system, and improved digestion. And, while both of them reduce the intake of processed food, the paleo diet actually shuns dairy products completely.

15 day diet plan bannerThe alkaline diet plan allows you to consume yogurt and kefir, which are full of valuable probiotics our bodies need. Furthermore, the paleo diet makes an emphasis on the consumption of meat. Many call it “the caveman diet,” so it shouldn’t surprise you that you can eat a lot of meat while following it.

In contrast, the alkaline diet requires you to reduce your meat intake because meats are a form of acidic food. Otherwise, once you burn the food, you will be left with acid ash that can significantly weaken your immune system and make you more prone to disease.

Finally, one of the key differences is that the alkaline diet promotes organic food. Meanwhile, the paleo diet doesn’t always require you to search for grass-fed meat and organic fruits and vegetables. Thus, the alkaline diet seems to be more concerned about the origin of the food you are consuming – and not just about its nutritional value.

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