Benefits of Drinking Water for Weight Loss

Not everyone likes to drink water, some people live their life drinking anything but water, that’s ok but if you are serious about losing weight and improving your health, below are a few benefits of drinking water for weight loss.

Water as Detoxifier: Water is known as the universal cleanser. Its cleansing properties are not just external, water is also one of the primary agents for internal body cleansing. Body detoxification is the process where the internal organs are rid of accumulated impurities, enabling them to function to their fullest capabilities.

Benefits of Drinking Water for Weight Loss

Most detox programs involve usage of liquid diets and increased water intake. That’s because it is vital to keep the body temperature at optimal levels during the detoxification process. Water, in its purest form, is the best regulator of body temperature.

Water also helps in absorbing suspended impurities that have been cleansed out of the body organs. Periodic detoxification is essential to maintain overall health and also to keep weight in control. Removal of impurities is half the battle won for people who are looking to lose weight and water helps them in the process.

Water as Metabolism Booster: A fat-free diet will certainly reduce the accumulation of fat but what about the existing fat reserves? Weight loss can only occur when these reserves are broken down and that can happen only when your bodies metabolism is working at optimum levels. Increased body metabolism will help break down stored fat reserves in the body.

Water acts as a metabolism-regulating agent and helps in maintaining the body temperature at optimal levels. A diet that includes metabolism increasing food items and adequate water intake is one of the most efficient weight loss regimens. Water’s effects on metabolism are vital for good health at all time – not just when you are looking to lose weight.

Water The Calorie Burner: Our bodies burn calories constantly, even when we are resting or sleeping. Active calorie burning happens when we undertake a physical activity and that’s what most people rely on for losing weight (they exercise to burn more calories). But not many people know that it is possible to increase the resting calorie burning too, with the help of water.

Scientific studies have shown that water helps increase resting calorie expenditure by 15%-25% (depending on the age and medical condition of the person). So, people who are looking to lose weight must ideally combine active burning and rest expenditure processes to achieve better weight loss results. Increased water intake, on its own, can reduce body weight by 7%-8% in six months. That’s a remarkable number.

Water As Appetite Suppressant: People who undertake weight loss diets invariably suffer from hunger pangs. This happens when the body, which is used to receiving large amounts of food, produces excess quantities of digestive acids to process that food. When the body stops receiving excess food, it still continues to produce excess digestive juices, which can then start abrading the stomach walls, causing hunger pangs.

Water is a strong appetite suppressant. It not only gives the digestive juices something else apart from stomach walls to work on, it also dilutes and neutralizes the digestive acids and makes them weaker. Drinking a glass of water before a meal can not only decrease your food intake, it can also prevent hunger pangs for a long while.

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