Can Diet Supplements Help You Lose Weight?

Diet Supplements May Not Be as Effective as You Think

Losing weight is a struggle that many men and women are faced with. There are mixed feelings about supplements and if they actually work. The truth is there is no magic pill that is going to help you shed a few pounds.

When men and women get fed up with the way they look and feel because of their weight, the first thing they think to do is to cut back on their food intake. This is usually short-lived and after just a few days you begin easing back into your old habits.

There are several reasons you may want to lose weight and some of the most common reasons include:

  • You hate the way you look
  • Your clothes no longer fit well
  • You feel terrible
  • You are concerned about having future health issues because of your weight
  • You suffer from high blood pressure

Regardless of our reason for wanting to lose weight, the easiest way for most people is to look for shortcuts, a lot of people want to avoid any extra effort which may include changing their diet and becoming more active.

Most people can maintain a healthy weight with proper diet and exercise but sometimes we make excuses and put it off until we are faced with an illness that may cause health problems down the road.

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t see some sort of advertisement for a quick weight loss scheme or diet supplement. The question is do these supplements work?

There are many conflicting answers to this question, dietitians will often recommend certain supplements to speed up the weight loss process, while medical doctors may advise taking certain medicines.

Obviously this is a choice each individual has to make for themselves.

In the U.K something that is often recommended is something called Xenical. The problem with Xenical is that it blocks the enzyme that is responsible for digesting fat. It can prevent up to 30% of fat from being absorbed, the problem is your body does need a certain amount of fat in order to function.

You may be thinking to yourself that sounds like a great product.

Xenical Pills

One of the biggest complaints from using Xenical is that it causes frequent bowel movements and oily discharge when you poop which is kind of disgusting. It has caused incontinence in some people.

Some people have experienced other side effects which may include:

  • Back pain
  • Fever
  • Diarrhea
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Body aches

There is a complete list of side effects from taking Xenical here.

Most prescription medications are often prescribed to people who are obese or those who are suffering from certain medical conditions from being overweight. Not everyone needs to lose a drastic amount of weight and this is where weight loss supplements can play an important role.

Not all weight loss pills are safe!

Just because a product is natural does not mean its safe! There are many over the counter supplements sold that can be harmful. Many weight loss supplements may not be suitable for you, especially if you suffer from conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure. A lot of weight loss supplements contain caffeine which may elevate blood pressure.


Most supplements lack information on the label about how they may interact with other prescription medications, so, if you are taking prescription medications or insulin you should first consult with your doctor for advice.

If you should choose to use a natural diet pill, you will want to be aware of the ingredients they contain and you should know if, in fact, they will be effective.

The ingredients in dietary supplements are important, not all of them are clinically proven but many of them are.

Ingredients to look for in diet supplements

The ingredients mentioned below can be found in many diet pills and have been clinically proven in one way or another to help you lose weight.

Citrus Aurantium also is known as bitter orange is a supplement found in many diet pill supplements, it has been used as anti-cancer and treatment and sedative. It is commonly used for weight loss and a sports enhancer.

A study performed in laboratory animals showed a 30% decrease in visceral fat after 13  weeks. Citrus Aurantium is found in diet pill supplements such as Phen375 and Clenbutrol and can be effective for managing weight when used with a sensible diet and exercise plan.

Bitter Orange

Capsaicin (Cayenne Pepper) You will find this ingredient in a lot of weight loss supplements and that’s because it can help promote weight loss. Capsaicin is the phytochemical that makes peppers spicy.

Capsaicin has been shown to help suppress appetite and speed up your body’s metabolic rate. A double-blind study showed that consuming just 9mg of capsaicin for 12 weeks helped decrease abdominal fat relative to the placebo subjects. Over the 12 weeks, the capsiate group lost 0.4 kg of weight and 1 cm off of their waste. There is some theory that consuming capsiates can contribute to more brown fat production which can also help burn more calories.

Red Chlli Peppers

Caffeine which you can get from many sources including sports drinks and coffee has a useful effect on weight loss because it can help suppress appetite and speed up your body’s metabolism. It is also a powerful energy booster which is why it is common in sports supplements and weight loss pills.

Chromium Picolinate is found in man different diet supplements, it seems to have a positive effect on mood, glucose regulation, and appetite suppression.

Can Diet Supplements Work?

Not all of them but there are many that do. Sometimes its more than just taking a weight loss pill, the reason being is that when you take any kind of diet supplement you are most likely more self-conscious about what you are eating, plus you may tend to drink more water which can contribute to weight loss. Some weight loss supplements will include a diet plan to help you reach your weight loss goals quickly, each of these things will have an impact on helping you lose weight.

Nothing can substitute exercise and good eating habits

To lose weight lifestyle changes is something anyone can do. A poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle is the main reason people are overweight. Making long term lifestyle changes which include eating healthy foods and exercising 3-4 times a week can help you lose weight and feel better.

Reasons to avoid diet supplements

  • They promise fast results – We all know that nothing happens overnight if a company tries to sell you a weight loss product that seems too good to be true it most likely is. It takes time to gain weight and taking it off takes just as long.
  • OvernigProducts that promise you can lose more than 2 kilograms a week.
  • No free dietary advice – Some companies just sell you a bottle of pills, others go above and beyond and offer some sort of complementary guidelines and diet suggestions to help make your weight loss efforts more effective


Diet supplements can play an integral part of any weight loss program, getting results involves choosing a reputable product while keeping in mind you will need to implement a healthy diet and try and exercise, keeping this in mind will pave the way for great results.

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