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Can PhenGold Really Help You Lose Weight?

PhenGold is a brand new weight loss supplement to help speed up your metabolism and help you safely lose weight.

In my review, I will tell you about the benefits, and why you should consider this weight loss management product.

When it comes to the weight loss industry we are faced with decisions on what we can do to lose a few pounds.

From a practical perspective, most of us know that in order to lose weight we need to cut back on the number of calories we consume in a day.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that sometimes it’s not always about your diet.

There are a lot of people who suffer from a slow metabolism. What this means is that your body is not using the food you eat (as fuel) the way it should. Eating a balanced diet allows your body to use food as fuel because if it does, there should be no reason why you shouldn’t be able to lose weight.

If you do suffer from a slow metabolism it can cause you to gain weight no matter how good your diet is. PhenGold is just one of the many weight loss supplements sold.

For people living in the U.K where Phentermine drugs are not sold, PhenGold may just be the next best option available.

While it is true that there are many Phentermine alternatives sold PhenGold has some unique ingredients that can make it easier for you to lose weight.

What is PhenGold?

PhenGold is a dietary supplement made by Swiss Research Labs Limited what it does is speed up your body’s metabolism to help you lose weight.

If you are struggling with your weight and want something to help you shed extra weight PhenGold will do just that.

Benefits of PhenGold include:

  • Suppress appetite
  • Reduce food cravings
  • Speed up your body metabolism
  • Increase energy
  • 100% Vegan safe
  • Non GMO
  • Gluten-free and Lactose-free

How does PhenGold Work?

This weight supplement works because of its well thought out ingredients, each one has been carefully selected to help improve your body’s metabolic function and suppress your appetite.

I will explain the benefit of each one below and the positive benefit each one has on weight loss.

500mg Green tea extract

Green tea contains caffeine and catechins, it also has potent antioxidants that can help with fat loss, improve brain function, and lower the risk of heart disease.

Taking a close lot at the labels on different weight loss supplements you will find that green tea is usually one of them, this is because there are a few clinical studies1 that show that green tea can help speed up your body’s metabolism.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea also contains naturally occurring amounts of caffeine which is what helps speed up your metabolism.

250mg L-Theanine

L-Theanine causes a biochemical effect which may reduce appetite, this amino acid can help calm food cravings, this is important in order for you to better manage a calorie deficit.

A better nights sleep is also important for losing weight,  L-theanine may help you sleep better.  Research shows2 that people who get a better night’s sleep maintain healthy body composition.

100mg Green coffee

You may find this hard to believe but Green coffee can have a positive effect on weight loss, these unroasted coffee beans, contain chlorogenic acid, which is known for preventing excess absorption of fat and glucose when digesting food.

Green Coffee

What studies say about green coffee and weight loss.

While there are no conclusive studies done on humans, there have been some using lab mice3.

One study shows that the mice who were given green coffee bean extract lost weight, the results showed a significant reduction in white adipose and liver fat as well as overall weight reduction.

250mg Rhodiola sp

Rhodiola is a root that comes from an herb that grows in the mountains of Europe, Asia, and Alaska.

This herbal ingredient has been used for centuries in Asia Scandinavia, Russia, and Greece to treat different medical conditions, some of these include fatigue and depression.

The primary benefit of Rhodiola is that it contains incredible energy-boosting properties.

When you are trying to lose weight by cutting back on food intake a lot of people complain that they don’t have energy. Rhodiola gives you a wide awake and energetic feeling.

200mg Cayenne Pepper

The active ingredient in cayenne pepper is capsaicin a thermogenic chemical that may help speed up your metabolism and reduce food cravings.

There is research that can back these claims. One study4showed that people who consumed peppers with their meals had fewer food cravings and felt fuller.

The study implies that getting plenty of capsaicin in your diet can suppress your appetite which leads to fewer calories consumed during the day.

Red Peppers

300mg L-Tyrosine

L-Tyrosine is an amino acid and the precursor to epinephrine, this natural chemical allows body fat to be used as an energy source.

The other benefit is that it is also a precursor to thyroid hormones which help maintain a proper metabolic rate, L-tyrosine is not very effective when used by itself but when combined with caffeine it is.

Is PhenGold right for you?

Before you wonder if PhenGold is right for you you should ask yourself a few questions.

Do you have a healthy metabolism?

People with a normal metabolism tend to lose weight fast, especially when they reduce food portions and watch what they eat, however, if you can’t seem to lose weight even when you cut back on your food intake then yes PhenGold will help you lose weight.

Do you lack energy?

If you have a slow metabolism and gain weight quickly, you may suffer from low energy levels, if so you will love the energy boost you will get from PhenGold.

Do you struggle with food cravings?

If you have a lot of willpower and you don’t have a problem with snacking all the time then you don’t need PhenGold, but if you are always hungry and craving food PhenGold will help you say no to snacking or eating the wrong foods.

PhenGold Price

A one-month supply of PhenGold costs
£45.95 while this may seem more expensive than similar products there is a big difference because PhenGold is made with premium ingredients.
There are discounts if you buy more than one bottle buy two get 1 free cost
£89.95 (recommended) and buy 3 get two bottles free for £129.95
PhenGold backed by a 100-day money-money back guarantee which is one of the best guarantees in the industry.

How to Use PhenGold

Each bottle of PhenGold contains 90 capsules, you take 3 capsules with food once a day, from my personal experience I took PhenGold for two months straight and had great results. I was able to lose 9kg, I then suspended use for three weeks and then started another two months cycle and lost another 7kg, while taking PhenGold I would go for a brisk 45-minute walk 5 days a week.

You can order PhenGold from the official website here.

Phen Gold






Quality of Ingredients



  • Reduce Food Cravings
  • Increase Metabolism
  • Vegan Friendly Supplement
  • Speed Up Your Metabolism
  • 100 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Only Available Online
  • Takes a couple of weeks to work
  • Not suitable for those under the age of 18
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