Zotrim Benefits for Weight Loss

Is Zotrim Effective for Weight Loss?

I have seen many weight loss supplements and pills come and go, their popularity is usually short-lived.  Zotrim has been sold in the U.K for many years, what makes it different is the proven formula that is backed by clinical trials. Zotrim is an herbal weight loss aide that makes weight loss easier and less complicated.

Zotrim is a safe and effective herbal weight loss supplement that helps you naturally cut back on calories and give you more energy.

The biggest hurdle most men and women face is trying to stay active and motivated.

Extra weight can bog you down and make you feel tired and bloated.

Something unique about Zotrim is that it contains clinically proven ingredients to help people lose weight.

The main goal of Zotrim is to help you crave less food and help you lose body fat, making it one of the simplest ways for you to lose weight.

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Now, I don’t want to keep you reading more than you have to, so you should know up front that in order to lose weight fast. Zotrim does require you to do some sort of physical activity, but still, losing weight with Zotrim is easy.

I know what your thinking!

What’s the point of taking Zotrim if you still have to exercise?

Because you will feel better and in the long run you will look amazing!

Exercise does not mean you have run a marathon, it just means doing some kind of activity that you enjoy, this could mean spending time in the garden, doing some housework or walking your dog.

Zotrim Amateur Bottle

There are six Benefits that Zotrim offers that are so simple, yet people still struggle to do them.

Let’s take a look at some of them…

1- Add more fibre to your diet: This can include oatmeal, porridge, and bran flakes. These are not only healthy for you, but they will also help keep you fuller longer.

2. Helps you be more active: This does not mean you have to join a gym, but you could take the stairs instead of the elevator, instead of taking the bus you could walk to work (if the distance is within reason) things like gardening, washing the car and walking the dog are all activities that are heart-healthy. Once you feel you need to do more you can adopt and exercise routine that may include, spinning, strength training, Zumba or Crossfit.

3.- Cut back on empty calories: some of the things that make you gain the most weight are empty calories, these include alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, try drinking mineral water, tea, and diet drinks.

4. Eat healthy snacks: A lot of times we reach for the closest thing that’s in the fridge, choosing smart snacks that offer nutritious calories will keep you fuller and prevent weight gain. When you are hungry try eating low-fat foods such as nuts, pumpkin seeds or maybe some low-fat yogurt with granola.

5. Try and avoid sticking points:  The first week or so when you begin to cut back on calories you will notice that you start losing weight, after a few weeks though you may reach a plateau. If this happens its time to beat these sticking points by increasing your level of activity or switch up your diet. Keeping a daily diary of the things you eat can help you be more conscious-minded and help understand where you went wrong.

6. Cut back on eating out:  Some restaurants claim that they serve nothing but healthy meals, however, no matter how healthy you may think the food is, no one is going to cook as you would, there are a lot of hidden unhealthy ingredients in a lot of restaurants. This is not to say you can’t eat out, but if you do, try skipping the bread and cheese sticks and choose healthier snacks that are not loaded with carbs or fried.

Amateur Image Zotrim

How Zotrim can help you lose weight

There are literally hundreds of weight loss products sold in the U.K but Zotrim is truly different and I will tell you why.

There have been over five clinical trials that support the ingredients in Zotrim (including white papers) making it one of the most researched weight loss supplements ever.

Zotrim will help you eat less

Men and Women who have used Zotrim consumed fewer calories than those who did not. Plus they stopped eating earlier because they felt satisfied with less food.

Healthy Meal

Zotrim helps you stay fuller longer

Men and women who took a placebo took 38 minutes for their stomach to empty versus 58 minutes when taking Zotrim, this means you stay fuller longer and suffer from fewer food cravings.

Snack less between meals

A study group of 73 overweight subjects 65% of them said they felt hungry often which led to frequent snacking between meals. Just 15% of those subjects said the same thing after taking Zotrim for 4 weeks.

Zotrim will help you stay more active

Zotrim contains Caffeine, Guarana and Yerba mate which help maintain alertness and give you more energy to help you maintain a more active life.

So now that I have told you the benefits of Zotrim you are probably asking yourself, how does it work?

We all know that magic potions don’t exist, what we do know is that there a lot of herbs that can have a positive effect on your body and metabolism.

Caffeine, for example, is a natural stimulant, we know that drinking a cup of coffee can enhance mood and gives a temporary boost of energy. Yes, Zotrim does have caffeine but it also has other important ingredients that help contribute to weight loss.

Zotrim Benefits at a Glance:

  • Makes it easy to cut back on calories
  • Easily reduce food portions (break bad eating habits)
  • Snack less throughout the day
  • Boost energy levels
  • Struggle less with weight loss
  • Vegan safe formula

Ingredients in Zotrim

Yerba Mate (112mg) contains flavonoids and polyphenols, what these do is inhibit enzymes and lipoproteins, these play a role in the body’s metabolism. yerba mate helps slow gastric emptying which means you feel fuller longer after meals. It also helps reduce the absorption of fats. Zotrim tablets contain one of the highest concentrations of yerba mate not found in other diet supplements.Yerba Mate

Guarana extract (95mg) is a powerful stimulant that contains concentrated amounts of Caffeine, it can help boost energy and give you more stamina so you can be more active. It also helps naturally speed up your body’s metabolism.


Damiana extract (36mg)  has a group of natural chemical compounds that include pinene, eucalyptol, tannins, and carotene. It has been used as a natural relaxant, however, it has also been shown to have a hypoglycemic effect which is why it has been used to lower blood sugar levels and as a weight-loss agent. Damiana promotes loose stools which promotes natural cleansing. It also is responsible for slowing down gastric emptying.

Damiana Plant

Other ingredients include:

  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B6
  • Di-Calcium phosphate

Does Zotrim work without dieting?

Taking any weight loss supplement will work better when accompanied by diet and exercise, however, men and women who took Zotrim without diet and exercise lost ten times more weight than those who took a placebo, so yes, it can work without a diet and special exercise routine.

A lot of weight loss supplements contain ingredients that burn fat and speed up your metabolism, however, Zotrim is a supplement that attacks weight loss in a practical way.

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Is Zotrim right for you?

I believe most people will find Zotrim to be one of the best solutions to their weight loss problems.

Unlike most weight loss pills that only treat the symptoms, Zotrim treats the cause and helps you eat less offering you a natural approach that treats the underlying cause of weight gain which is usually a tendency for overeating and not being active.

Zotrim has been clinically proven to outperform prescription drugs.

Zotrim is available in powder and pills

Zotrim is sold in two different presentations, each one has similar benefits, the difference is one comes in a powder which you can mix with water, and it contains more fibre. It is also available in pills, one box contains a 30 day supply (180 tablets)

Zotrim Fibre Brink


If you compare Zotrim to other weight loss supplements you will find that this brand is one that gives you the best value for your money. A one month supply of Zotrim costs £49.99, 3 month supply £109.99 and 6 months “best value” cost £159.99.

You may also want to consider the combo value packs which some may find more effective and convenient.

Those who suffer from constipation will love the extra fibre found in the Zotrim plus drink.

Zotrim Plus Orange Mango Drink

Final thoughts

Zotrim is a weight loss supplement suited for anyone, it can be used by men and women who want to lose weight or just want to start eating normal meal portions again.

A lot of men and women have become disillusioned with weight loss supplements, most of them make false claims that fail to produce results. Zotrim is not just another gimmick, it’s a solid weight loss supplement that has been around for over 15 years and offers a complete solution for safe and natural weight loss.

For more information, I recommend you take a look at the official website where they explain more about the clinical trials and the results you can expect from taking Zotrim.

> Visit the official Zotrim Website


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